Deionized water production installation

Установка для получения деионизованной воды. Фото 1Установка для получения деионизованной воды. Фото 2
Deionized water is used in microelectronics for production of printed circuit boards, semiconductor elements and integrated circuits, etc.

It is possible to modify the installation in accordance with individual requirements of the customer. Purified water exceeds "A" grade regulations.

The source water contains a significant amount of iron (incl. oxidizable ferrous) and some manganese.

The quality of deionized water produced by the installation exceeds the grade “A” water requirements of ost 11.029.003-80 with respect to the content of suspended particles and dissolved gases, as well as dimensions of suspended particles - particles more than 0.02 µm in size are practically absent.

The installation uses an energy-saving degassing layout which utilizes the energy of the reverse osmosis concentrate flow.

Installation dimensions:
Water treatment unit2000x800x1800 mm
Deionization unit1000x400x14000 mm
Installation performance50 l/h
Reserve volume of deionized water500 l
Raw water consumption average/peak170/2000 l/h
Drainage water discharge average/peak120/960 l/h
Electric power1.7/5.4 kW
Power supply380 V, 50 Hz
Installation weight931 kg
Treater water meets the requirements of OST 11.029.003-80* grade "A" water

Parameters of water purification
IndicatorsUnit of measurementActual valueGrade "A" according to OST 11.029.003-80
Resistivity at temp. 18...22°CMOhm cm at least 18at least 18
Permanganate oxidationmg/lno more than 0.5no more than 1.0
Silicic acid content SiO32-mg/l no more than 0.01no more than 0.01
Iron contentmg/lno more than 0.002no more than 0.015
Copper content mg/l no more than 0.002-
Microbial contentcolonies/mlno more than 1no more than 2
Microparticle content 1...5 µm pcs/ml no more than 2no more than 20
Total organic carbon (T°C)mg/lno more than 0.5-

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