The dissertation council of No. D.409.003.01 for defence of the doctoral and candidate’s theses works about 30 years at POLYUS Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh.

The postgraduate study of POLYUS Scientific Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh has the license for the right of carrying out educational activity in the sphere of postgraduate education. The postgraduate study has full-time tuition and correspondence course.

The basic department of laser engineering of the electronics faculty of the Moscow Technological University trains experts in the 210105 ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND MODULES specialty. Highly qualified specialists in the field of quantum electronics, acoustooptics and optoelectronics work at the department.

The basic department of quantum electronics of the faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Dolgoprudny) trains highly qualified specialists in the field of quantum electronics, including skilled personnel, candidates and doctors of science.

Building 1, 3 Vvedenskogo St., Moscow,
117342, Russian Federation