MO-900-E water treatment system

MO-900-E water treatment, storage and supply system is designed to purify water from open reservoirs and wells from suspended solids, colloids, disinfect it from bacteria and viruses (incl. spore forming biological warfare agents), and neutralize highly toxic substances of organic and inorganic origin (incl. chemical warfare agents), decontaminate radioactive substances, purify water from compounds of iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, organic substances (incl. petroleum products) and from dissolved salts (incl. hardness salts), storage of treated water and delivery of treated water under pressure to the consumer's network.

The system is designed to purify water in case of contamination of the water intake with radioactive, poisonous substances and bacteriological agents, as a result of sabotage, and as a result of man-caused and natural disasters.

System has standalone power supply - built-in diesel power generator and diesel fuel tank.

The nominal capacity of the system is 0.9 m3/h (20 m3/day), which is sufficient to provide:

  • 150 people with the consumption rate of 130 l / person. per day;
  • 4,000 people with water for drinking and cooking purposes only (5 l/person per day).

The system is delivered ready for use with a stock of consumables, a set of tools and spare parts. System deployment time - 2 hours.

The system contains three 1.2 m3 containers.

The deployed system is composed of an elastic tank for raw water, a water treatment unit, an elastic tank for purified water and power supply unit, interconnected by electrical cables and freeze-proof durable hydraulic communications.

Drainage water of the system is non-toxic and its discharge is permissible without additional treatment.

By agreement with the Customer, the water treatment system can transfer system status information to the manufacturer's server during operation. Continuous analysis of incoming information enables timely response to system malfunction.

Service maintenance of the system must be carried out either by the manufacturer’ specialists, or by the personnel, trained by the manufacturer.

The frequency of service maintenance depends on the condition of the source water.

Water treatment technology

Source water enters the source water supply unit of the power unit, oxidizer and coagulant are added to the water, and it is pumped into the source water tank.

After treatment with an oxidizing agent, the water gets completely disinfected from bacteria and viruses (incl. spore forming biological warfare agents), compounds of polyvalent metals and semimetals (iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, mercury, bismuth, thallium, arsenic, antimony, etc.) are oxidized and transferred into an insoluble state, organic compounds (incl. complex organophosphorus, organochlorine and arsenic compounds) are completely or partially destructed, they either turn into harmless substances (H2O, CO2), or undergo partial destruction, becoming less toxic and easily absorbed intermediates.

From the reservoir, the purified water enters the pre-filters of the water treatment unit, where it is purified from mechanical impurities, unreacted residues of dissolved organic substances and an oxidizing agent on the AHM material.

Next, water enters the inlet of the high-pressure pump, and under pressure is supplied to the housings of reverse osmosis membranes, where it is separated into demineralized permeate (purified water) and a concentrate super-enriched with salts.

To increase the interflushing lifetime of reverse osmosis membranes, an antiscalant is dosed into the water before it gets to the membranes.

Purified water passes through the water meter, a preservative dose of sodium hypochlorite is added into the water before it enters the elastic tank for purified water.

From the tank, purified water enters the water distributing unit of the power unit, from where it is supplied to the consumer.

The layout of the water distributing unit allows to connect the system without connection to networks (to storage tanks), to supply water to consumers through temporary pipelines, using system pumps for pumping purified water.

The automation unit of the system provides effective process control, continuously monitors the main indicators of the source and treated water, ensures the change of process parameters depending upon the condition of the source water. In the event of any abnormal situation caused by equipment failure or outside interference, the control unit is able to immediately identify the source of the error and to take required actions in order to minimize damage and to prevent a decrease in the quality of the treated water.

Transport dimensions3 containers 1200x1200x1200 mm
Weight of the system3 containers no more than 440/400/320 kg
Plan dimensions of the ready for use system no more than: 10x11 m
Average treated water production rate (at t +40°C)min: 0.9 m3/h
Peak consumption of treated watermin: 4.0 m3/h
The volume of the elastic tank for raw water storagenot less than: 50 m3
The volume of the elastic tank for purified water storagenot less than: 20 m3
Purified water pressure at the outlet of the systemnot less than: 0.2 MPa
Power supply380 V, 50 Hz / built-in generator
Power supply autonomy, days (m3 of purified water) not less than: 4 (80m3)
System power consumptionmax: 6 kW
Drainage water consumptionmax: 1.0 m3/h
Drain water pressure at system outlet0...0.6 MPa
Permissible loads on the body of the system up to 10 g with frequency up to 1 Hz
Lifetime before overhaul, m3 of treated waternot less than: 10000 m3
Assigned lifetime, m3 of purified waternot less than: 40000 m3
Ambient temperature during storage and operation-50...+50 °C

Parameters of water purification
IndicatorsUnit of measurementSource waterPurified water
Iron totalmg/l11.50.01
Oxidabilitymg O2/l250.01
General hardnessmg-eq/l201.5
General mineralizationmg/l12000800
Microbiological indicators:
a) bacteria (spore forming and non-forming)Microbial bodies/l1·1060
b) virusesPFU/l1·1060

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