O-5000-24-R water treatment system

Установка водоподготовки О-5000-24-Р. Фото 1Установка водоподготовки О-5000-24-Р. Фото 2
The nominal capacity of the system is 5 m3/day, which is enough for provide 1,000 people with water for drinking and cooking purposes.

The installation is completely energy independent due to the use of a highly effective solar power supply (if used in tropical and subtropic regions).

Installation transport dimensions:
2 unitsno more than 360x280x870 mm
2 units no more than 700x500x600 mm
2 unitsno more than 600x600x1500 mm
Area required for operation of the system no more than 18 m2
Average treated water production ratenot less than 5 m3/day
Lifetime before overhaul, m3 of treated water not less than 5000 m3
Assigned lifetime, m3 of treated waternot less than 20000 m3
Built-in power supply 1200 W
Unit dry weightno more than 220 kg

Parameters of water purification
IndicatorsUnit of measurementSource waterPurified waterDrinking water
Kaolin turbiditymg/l40000.5
Iron totalmg/l11.50.010.3
Oxidabilitymg O2/l450.52
Microbiological indicators:
a) bacteria (spore forming and non-forming)Microbial bodies/l18050
b) virusesPFU/l1*10600

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