PROM-12 optical receiving module

PROM-12 optical receiving module. Фото 1

The TU6342-026-07531870-04 specifications

The PROM-12 optical receiving module is designed to be used in fiberoptic ring data transformation and transmission information systems. The PROM-12 modules are made in the UHL climatic version of the class 4.2 according to the GOST 15150-69.


Name of parameter Value
Received pulse width (FWHM), ns 8...100
Type of optical fiber 50/125
Wavelength, µm 1.31
Maximum detected pulsed power, dBm, no less than –14
Threshold sensitivity, dBm, no more than –33
Supply voltage, V 5±0,25
Power consumption, W, no more than 0.9
Operating temperature range, °С –40...55
Gamma-percentile time to failure at g=90% at +25°C, h, no less than 100,000
Time to failure in the modes and under the conditions of the specifications, h, no less than 20,000
Life time, years, no less than 12
Gamma-percentile storage time at g=90% under the conditions of heated rooms, years, no less than 12

The maximum permissible mode of operation is the mode at a supply voltage of 4.5…5.5 V.

Overall dimensions of PROM-12 module, no more than:

Parameter Value
Length, mm 20
Width, mm 23
Height, mm 5.5
Length of pins, mm, maximum value 8.5
Length of optical cable, mm 1000±100
Weight, g, no more than 20

PROM-12 module pins

Number Designation
1 Flag
2 Free/power measurement
3 Ground
4 Data, TTL output
5 Ground
6 Data, TTL inverting output
7 Free
8 Supply 5±0.25 V
9 Free
10 Ground
11 Free
12 Ground
13 Free
14 Free
15 Case
General view and layout of pins for PROM-12 module
General view and layout of pins for PROM-12 module
Схема включения модуля ПРОМ-12
Connection diagram of PROM-12 module

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