OXYPOLUS Oxygen Concentrator

Distinctive feature of OXYPOLUS:
It has an option of fast startup, which allows you to get 90% - O2 in 5-6 minutes after switching on (versus 20-30 minutes for competitors), which is extremely important for all rescue operations, both in disaster medicine and in military medicine, where emergency medical care is required.

The fast startup option is implemented with the use of an additional compressor, which is turned on during the startup.

OXYPOLUS Oxygen Concentrator is intended for:
  • concentration of oxygen from ambient air;
  • storage of the generated oxygen;
  • delivery of oxygen to the consumer's pipeline;
  • supply people and animals with oxygen in medical and veterinary institutions.

The concentrator ensures the absence of the following substances in the generated oxygen:
  • suspended matters, including radioactive aerosols;
  • bacteria and viruses, including bacterial spores as biological agents;
  • high-toxic substances of organic and inorganic origin, including chemical warfare agents (optional).

Oxygen concentration90±3 % vol.
Output at 90% OxygenMin. 30 l/min
Power consumptionMax. 4.4 kW
Supply voltage380 V
Voltage frequency50±1 Hz
Overall dimensions
- length
- width
- height
770 mm
450 mm
1500 mm
WeightMax. 120 kg
Air temperature during operation+5...+40 оС
Climate categoryBoreal climate
Location category2, 3, 4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69 regulations
Relative humidity45...90 %
Parameters of oxygen
Oxygen volume fractionMin 90%
CO2Max. 300 ppm
COMax. 5 ppm
NOxMax. 2 ppm
H2OMax. 67 ppm
SO2Max. 0.1 mg/m3

Sales contact information

Phone: +7 905 737-72-58
E-mail: market@niipolyus.ru

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117342, Russian Federation