MO-140-55A installation marine osmosis

Установка водоподготовки МО-140-55А морской осмос. Фото 1Установка водоподготовки МО-140-55А морской осмос. Фото 2Установка водоподготовки МО-140-55А морской осмос. Фото 3
The water treatment plant is designed for desalination of sea water. The installation is designed to supply water to places with simultaneous residence of up to 14 people with the consumption rate of 250 l / person. per day.

The piping of the unit is assembled with quick release clamp fittings, which allow for easy connection and disconnection without the use of tools.

The pressure of the purified water is regulated by a needle valve and is indicated by a manometer.

The concentrate passes through the water meter and is discharged through the concentrate pipe into the sewer.

Installation dimensionsno more than 800x600x1900 mm
Average purified water production rateno less than 3300 l/day
Average drain water consumptionno more than 550 l/h
Overpressure of raw water at the inlet0.05...0.20 MPa
Lifetime before overhaul (treated water)not less than 2000 m3
Assigned lifetime (treated water)not less than 6000 m3
Installed electric powerno more than 4200 W
Dry weightno more than 70 kg
Power supply380 V, 50 Hz

Parameters of water purification
IndicatorsUnit of measurementSource waterPurified waterDrinking water
Kaolin turbiditymg/l500.5
Total ironmg/l8.00.10.3
Oxidabilitymg O2/l15.00.52
Total mineralizationmg/l450005001000

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