SOSNA-N Neutralizer of optical surveillance equipment

SOSNA-N Neutralizer of optical surveillance equipment. Фото 1

SOSNA-N neutralizer of optical surveillance equipment is designed for detection and locаtion of hostile optical and electronic-optical (O and EOD) surveillance and sighting equipment and its neutralization with a laser counter beam. The device has no comparable domestic and foreign analogues.

Technical specification

Name of parameterValue
Detection distanceUp to 2500 m (depends on the type of O and EOD and weather conditions)
Automatic scanning angles rangeUp to ±180°
Momentary displayed field of view5°х7°
Detection area vertical dimension1.5°, 3°
Scanning speed6°/sec, 12°/sec, 18°/secz
Operation temperatures rangeHead: -25°C...+45°C
Control unit: -20°C...+45°C
Overall dimensionsHead: 250х150х245 mm
Control unit: 272х195х22 mm
WeightHead: 4.6 kg
Control unit: 1.1 kg
Power supply12V DC (direct current)


  • Full automation (24/7 operation mode according to the pre-entered program);
  • Wired and wireless control (control of the device via an Ethernet cable or WiFi connection);
  • Wide angles scanning range (from - 1800 up to + 1800);
  • Versatility (operates as an independent unit, and as part of complex security systems);
  • Reliability and simplicity of operation (the guaranteed service life of the device is at least 10 years. Due to its compact size, the device has small dimensions and light weight, it is ease of installation and transportation);
  • Adaptability (function of marking false targets allows you to filter out static reflective objects and ignore them during operation).

Types of protected objects

  • Places of residence of diplomatic missions
  • Places of residence of top figures, VIPs.
  • High-security facilities.
  • Storage of hazardous substances.
  • Airports, space-vehicle launching sites.
  • Government buildings.
  • Nuclear power plants.
  • Chemical manufacturing.
  • Water-intake stations.


  • Protection and security of VIP
  • Protection of boundary and objects of prime importance
  • Protection of special vehicles
  • Inspection of important roads security
  • Detection of camouflaging video/photo recording (incl. paparazzi)
  • Ensuring the security in mass events
  • Detection of snipers during anti-terrorist operations

SOSNA-N neutralizer is designed for both civil and military aims.

Examples of detected objects

Camera, 250 m
Camera, 250 m
PO 4x24 sight, 500 m
PO 4x24 sight, 500 m
Binocular, 730 m
Binocular, 730 m
PO 6x36 sight, 1200 m
PO 6x36 sight, 1200 m
Pilad 12x50, 1900 м.
«Pilad 12х50»,, 1900 m


Periscope of submarine
Periscope of submarine
Reconnaissance drone near the boundary
Reconnaissance drone near the boundary
Observer for city road
Observer for city road
Observer for troops
Observer for troops
Paparazzi at the beach
Paparazzi at the beach

Principle of operation

  • Scanning of the surrounding terrain;
  • Launching a precision guidance probe when a target is detected;
  • Illumination of the detected target;
  • The radiation reflected from the target enters to the spatially sensitive receiver;
  • Aiming the laser counter beam at the target using a two-axis drive;
  • Adjustment of the laser optical axis with the direction on target, the laser is switched on for a time previously set by the operator;
  • Neutralization of the detected optical device.

Illustration of optical interference on the detected surveillance equipment

Illustration of optical interference on the detected surveillance equipment

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