MT-402ME triaxial laser gyro

MT-402ME triaxial laser gyro. Фото 1

The MT-402ME triaxial laser gyro is a more advanced version of the MT-401ME laser gyro and fully interchangeable with it. It is designed for the use as a position sensor in three mutually perpendicular directions. The MT-402ME is used in medium-accuracy navigation systems for traffic control systems of various objects, in track geometry cars, metrology systems, etc. It has low power consumption, higher accuracy and lower price.


Name of parameter Rate, no less than Rate, no more than
Power consumption, W 33
Supply voltage, V 21 33
Angular rate range, °/с minus 600 600
Zero drift of gyro in all axes, °/h
without calibration 1
with calibration of 5 min duration 0.45
with calibration of 10 min duration 0.25
Scale factor (discrete) of gyro, seconds of arc/pulse 3.2 3.4
Instability and non-repeatability of scale factor, relative units 2*10-4
Operating temperature range, °С -55 +65
Dimensions, mm Ø180 x 140 (height)
Weight, kg 5.5
Operating life, h 2,400
Life time, years 12

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