MO-140-20AM Reverse osmosis system

Установка водоподготовки МО-140-20АМ. Фото 1Установка водоподготовки МО-140-20АМ. Фото 2

We make water pure

MO-140-20AM Reverse osmosis system for summer residences and mansions

  • Produces drinking water according to the Russian SanPin regulations
  • Designed for summer residences and mansions
  • System developed by a defense enterprise
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Complex solution for water treatment
The MO-140-20AM water treatment system is designed to purify water sourced from wells and to remove suspensions, colloids, to decontaminate bacteria and viruses, to remove iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, organic substances and dissolved salts, including hardness salts.

The system can be used to supply water to individual houses with simultaneous residence of up to 14 people at a consumption rate of 250 l / person per day. When water is used only for drinking and cooking purposes, the installation can be used to supply water to up to 650 people.
  • Warranty and after-sales service
  • We are working throughout Russia and the CIS
  • 15 years of experience
  • Qualified personnel
Parameters of water purification of MO-140-20AM System
Indicators, units of measurementSource water, not more thanPurified water, not more thanDrinking water as per SanPiN regulations
Color, deg2005
Smell, points501
Taste, points501
Turbidity for kaolin, mg/l500.5
Iron total, mg/l8.00.10.3
Manganese, mg/l0.50.050.05
Sulfides (hydrogen sulfide), mg/l0.0100.003
Oxidability, mg О2/l 100.52
General hardness, mg-eq/l301.57.0
General mineralization, mg/l15 0003001 000
Ammonium, mg/l0.10.030.05
Nitrates, mg/l200.85
Chlorides, mg/l500100150
Sulphates, mg/l800100150
Phosphates, mg/l100.53.5
Microbiological indicators:   
Bacteria: Бактерии (spore forming and non-forming) m.t./l1*10600
Viruses, PFU/l1*10600

Technical characteristics
NameValue, units of measurement
Dimensions LxWxHNot more than 600 х 500 х 1600 mm
Average output of purified water (at a source water temperature of +4°С)Not less than 6 700 l/day
Average drain water consumptionNot more than 280 l/day
Overpressure in the source water path at the unit inlet0.05…0.20 MPa
Service Life Limitnot less than 12 000 m3 of purified water
Dry weightNot more than 110 kg
Power supply380 V, 50 Hz
Rated output powernot more than 2 500 W
Ambient temperature during storage and operation+5…+40 °C
Resource before overhaulnot less than 4 000 m3 of treated water

Установка водоподготовки МО-140-20АМ. Фото 3

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