MF-140 water treatment system

MF-140 water treatment system. Фото 1

The MF-140 water treatment system is designed for water purification of wells from suspensions, colloids, disinfection from bacteria and viruses, removal of the compounds of iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, organic matters, and dissolved salts, including hardness salts.

The system may be used for water supply of the houses to 16 people at the consumption rate of 200 l/person in day.

When using water only for drinking and culinary, the system may be used for water supply up to 600 people.

The system is mounted on the frame of anodized aluminum machine-tool profile. The system pipelines are made of polypropylene pipes, the electrical communications are in the polyamide corrugated tube. The high-pressure pump is set on the isolation pads.

Technology of water purification

A source water is sucked by the high-pressure pump and delivered to the preliminary filter case, where it is purified of mechanical impurities and dissolved organic matters in the preliminary filter according to the type of the used cartridges. Then a water comes to the UV sterilizer, where microorganisms passed through the filter are removed. The sterilized water comes to the nanofilter membrane case, where it is divided into the desalted permeate and the concentrate enriched with salts. The concentrate is dumped in sewage.

The permeate issuing from a water is dumped in sewage by the T-valve until the nanofilration membrane goes to the operating condition by salt content.

The pump-batcher for delivery of sodium hypochlorite sucks a sodium hypochlorite solution from the tank and deliveries it in the purified water at the regular intervals.

The purified water comes to the storage tank (there is not the tank in the set of delivery).

The maximum concentrations of impurities in the source and purified water are shown in the table.

Parameters of water purification for MF-140 system

Parameter, units Source water Purified water Drinking water according to Sanitary rules/norms
Chromaticity, degrees 20 0 5
Smell, points 5 0 1
Taste, points 5 0 1
Turbidity by kaolin, mg/l 5 0 0.5
Total iron, mg/l 0.3 0.1 0.3
Manganese, mg/l 0.1 0.05 0.05
Sulfides (hydrogen sulfide), mg/l 0.003 0 0.003
Biochemical oxygen demand, mg О2/l 5.0 0.5 2
Ammonium, mg/l 0.1 0.03 0.05
Total hardness, mg-equivalent/l 20 4.0 7
Total mineralization, mg/l 2,000 400 1,000
Nitrates, mg/l 20 0.8 5
Chlorides, mg/l 500 100 150
Sulfates, mg/l 800 100 150
Phosphates, mg/l 10 1.0 3.5
Microbiological indices:
bacteria (forming and non-forming spores), m.t./l 1*106 0 0
viruses, plaque-forming unit/l 1*106 0 0

The system is fully ready for operation, has the consumable for operation for 3 months.

When operating, the system uses sodium hypochlorite, the filter cartridges and an electrical energy.

Sodium hypochlorite is used as 5% water solution (it is sold as BELIZNA trade mark). It is necessary to replace the filter cartridges after treatment of 10 m3 of source water. The system for water treatment consumes an electrical energy up to 4.5 kW·h per 1 m3 of purified water.

Drainage waters of the system are nontoxic, and their water evacuation on a relief and in the natural reservoirs is admissible without additional treatment.

The system is completely automated and does not demand a control from the user.

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