MX-400 system of water treatment, storage of water and water supply

MX-400 system of water treatment, storage of water and water supply. Фото 1

The MX-400 system of water treatment, storage of water and water supply is designed for water purification of wells from suspensions, colloids, disinfection from bacteria and viruses, the compounds of iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, organic matters and dissolved salts, including the compounds of univalent, bivalent and polyvalent metals as well as for storage and delivery of the purified water under pressure to the consumer's main.

The system may be used for water supply of one-family the houses to 40 people at the consumption rate of 250 l/person in day.

When using water only for drinking and culinary, the system may be used for water supply up to 2,000 people.

There are the block of water treatment, the block for storage of purified water and the block for delivery of purified water at the required pressure to the customer’s main in the system housing (the use of a pump station after the system is not required).

Technology of water purification

A source water comes to the input of the high-pressure pump and is delivered under pressure for treatment. A water is cleared of mechanical impurities and dissolved organic matters in the preliminary filter according to the type of the used cartridges.

Then a water is dosed a sodium hypochlorite solution for oxidation of the impurities being in a water. Oxidation takes place in the pressure reactor.

The suspensions formed during oxidation are trapped in the postfilter, dechlorination of water occurs in the same place.

Then the purified water comes to the nanofilter membrane case, where it divided to the desalted permeate and the concentrate enriched with salts. The concentrate is dumped from the block of purified water in sewage.

The purified water passes through the water counter of permeate, is dosed with sodium hypochlorite and comes to the storage tank.

The purified water from the storage tank is pumped out by the pump for purified water and delivered in the customer’s main.


Name of parameter Value
Dimensions of system, mm, no more than 1,000 (L) x 600 (W) x 1,800 (H)
Average productivity of purified water (at +8°С of source water), l/h, no less than 400
Peak consumption of purified water, m3/h, no less than 2.0
Pressure of purified water at the system output, MPa, no less than 0.2
Weight (without water), kg, no more than 210
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW, no more than 1.85
Consumption of drainage water, m3/h, no more than 0.4
Pressure of drainage water at the system output, MPa 0...0.05
Pressure of source water at the system input, MPa, no more than 0.4
Service life prior to overhaul, m3 of purified water, no less than 2,000
Assigned resource, m3 of purified water, no less than 12,000
Ambient temperature for storage and operation, °С +5...+40

The system has the air-tight housing, a condensate is not generated during operation.

Sound insulation allows the use of the system in living spaces.

The maximum concentrations of impurities in the source and purified water are shown in the table.

Parameters of water purification for MX-400 system

Parameter, units Source water Purified water Drinking water according to Sanitary rules/norms
Chromaticity, degrees 50 0 5
Smell, points 5 0 1
Taste, points 5 0 1
Turbidity by kaolin, mg/l 200 0 0.5
Total iron, mg/l 11.5 0.1 0.3
Manganese, mg/l 0.5 0.05 0.05
Sulfides (hydrogen sulfide), mg/l 0.1 0 0.003
Biochemical oxygen demand, mg О2/l 10 0.5 2
Ammonium, mg/l 1 0.03 0.05
Total hardness, mg-equivalent/l 20 1.5 7
Total mineralization, mg/l 6,000 300 1,000
Nitrates, mg/l 200 0.8 5
Chlorides, mg/l 1,500 100 150
Sulfates, mg/l 2,800 100 150
Phosphates, mg/l 10 0.5 3.5
Strontium, mg/l 40 4 7
Microbiological indices:
bacteria (forming and non-forming spores), m.t./l 1*106 0 -
viruses, plaque-forming unit/l 1*106 0 -

When operating, the system uses sodium hypochlorite, the filter cartridges and an electrical energy.

Sodium hypochlorite is used as 5% water solution (it is sold as BELIZNA trade mark). One liter of solution allows carrying out of treatment of 1 m3 of a source water at the mean values of the impurity concentrations in a source water.

It is necessary to replace the filter cartridges after treatment of 20 m3 of source water.

The system indicates the following information for the user:

  • the presence of a supply voltage;
  • the level of sodium hypochlorite (with signalization of necessary filling-up);
  • the critical clogging of the filter cartridges;
  • the level of a purified water in the storage tank.

The possibility exists of delivering an additional preservative dose of sodium hypochlorite in the storage tank before a prolonged stopping.

The possibility exists of dumping of an unfit sodium hypochlorite solution after a prolonged stopping.

The system for water treatment consumes an electrical energy up to 3.7 kW·h per 1 m3 of purified water.

Drainage waters of the system are nontoxic, and their water evacuation on a relief and in the natural reservoirs is admissible without additional treatment.

The system is completely automated and does not demand a control from the user.

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