MO-140-05 water treatment system

MO-140-05 water treatment system. Фото 1


Reverse osmosis water treatment system for cottages:

  • Pure drinking water complying with the highest standards.
  • Designed for cottages.
  • Invention of military enterprise.
  • Durable design and simple maintenance.
  • Ready solution.

MO-140-05 water treatment system, storage of water and water supply is designed for purification of water from open reservoirs and wells from suspensions, colloids, disinfection of bacteria and viruses, removal of iron, manganese, sulfur, phosphorous, compounds, organics, including oil products, as well as for water purification of dissolved salts, including hardness salts and delivery of the purified water under pressure to the customer's (the use of a pump station after the system is not required) The system may be used for water supply of houses with up to 12 people and consumption rate of 250 l/person a day. The MO-140-05 system is supplied as a ready solution including set of consumable materials.

Drainage waters of the system are nontoxic, and their water evacuation on a relief and in the natural reservoirs is admissible without additional treatment. The system is completely automated and does nor demand control from the user.

  • Service and guarantee.
  • Delivery around the world.
  • 15 years of experience.
  • Professional staff.


Name of parameter Value
Dimensions, mm, no more than 500х400х1500
Average productivity of purified water (at +8°С temperature of source water), m3/h, no less than 3300
Average consumption of drainage water, l/h, no more than 140
Pressure in source water path at the system input, MPa 0.05…0.20
Assigned resource, m3 of purified water, no less than 600
Weight (without water), kg, no more than 60
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, W, no more than 900
Ambient temperature for storage and operation, °С +5…+40
Service life before overhaul, m3 of purified water, no less than 2000

Parameters of water purification for MO-140 system

Parameter, units Source water Purified water Drinking water norms
Chromaticity, degrees 20 0 5
Smell, points 5 0 1
Taste, points 5 0 1
Turbidity by kaolin, mg/l 5 0 0.5
Total iron, mg/l 8.0 0.1 0.3
Manganese, mg/l 0.5 0.05 0.05
Sulfides (hydrogen sulfide), mg/l 0.01 0 0.003
Biochemical oxygen demand, mg O2/l 10.0 0.5 2
Total hardness, mg-equivalent/l 20 1.5 7.0
Total mineralization, mg/l 2,000 300 1,000
Nitrates, mg/l 20 0.8 5
Chlorides, mg/l 500 100 150
Sulfates, mg/l 800 100 150
Phosphates, mg/l 10 0,5 3,5
Microbiological indices:
Bacteria (forming and non-forming spores), m.t./l 1*106 0 0
Viruses, plaque-forming unit/l 1*106 0 0

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