Multifunctional laser systems

Development and manufacture of pulsed solid-state lasers with the frequency conversion of radiation to IR, visible and UV spectral ranges according to the customer's specifications to applicate:

  • in air and water environmental monitoring systems;
  • in technological complexes;
  • in the metrological devices;
  • as part of equipment intended for research in various fields of science and technology.

Currently, there are different requirements applied to lasers for changing the main parameters of radiation pulses during operation.

Multifunctional laser systems meet all the requirements applied to lasers (MLS then). MLS is intended for the study of impurities found in the water environment. It is able to generate wavelengths radiation pulses of higher harmonics of laser radiation created on the AIG:Nd (532, 355, 266 nm) with selection of each harmonic at the output with pulse switch duration from 0.3 NS to 25 NS and smooth control of the radiation power in each of the 6 modes.

Multifunctional laser systems

Multi-channel light guide MLS-1234 KS is onboard sample and intended to determine the impurities in the water located in the ditch, or in the water located outside the ship in real time.

A dual-frequency wavelength laser (532 or 266 nm) operated as part of a marine environmental lidar, allows monitoring both the underwater environment (currents, inhomogeneities, depth measurement) and the sea surface (low-concentration oil pollution).

Multifunctional laser system MLS-1234 KS
Multifunctional laser system MLS-1234 KS

The MPLS-589 multifunctional pulsed laser system synchronously generates radiation pulses at the wavelengths λ1 = 1064 nm and λ2 = 1318 nm, then converts the radiation frequencies to nonlinear elements from KTR and VVO, to the total frequency in the yellow spectrum region (589 nm), to the 2nd harmonic component of the total frequency (295 nm), as well as to higher harmonics component (532, 355, 266, 659, 439 nm). The use of MPLS-589 in the field of spectroscopy of water environments allows us to expand the class of studied impurities.

Multifunctional laser system is used for applying various technological coatings of the specified properties on the base in a vacuum chamber, it generating radiation pulses in the visible and UV spectral ranges (532, 355 and 266 nm) providing pulse energy up to 25 MJ with a spatial profile of the radiation intensity in the beam cross section without "hot" points.

Multifunctional pulsed laser system MPLS-589
Multifunctional pulsed laser system MPLS-589

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