FMLK-13SM photoreceiving module for laser location

FMLK-13SM photoreceiving module for laser location. Фото 1

The FMLK-13SM photoreceiving module based on avalanche temperature-stabilized InGaAs photodiode for laser location has a high accuracy.


  • High sensitivity
  • Built-in time-interval meter
  • Built-in secondary power supply
  • Built-in functional control
  • Wide temperature range


Name of parameter Value
Operating wavelength, nm 1064…1570
Spectral range (FWHM), µm 1.0…1.6
Laser pulse width, ns 3…500
Threshold sensitivity, nW 7
Sensitive area, µm 200
Detection probability, % 50
Dynamic range Pmax/Pmin 108
Supply voltage, V +12
Time shift of output electrical pulse, ns 6.6
Equivalent accuracy, m 1
Dimensions, mm 102.5×62.5×30.5

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