FPU-21V photoreceiving module

FPU-21V photoreceiving module. Фото 1

The FPU-21V photoreceiving module is designed for reception of optical signals of 10…30 ns (FWHM) at a wavelength of 1.064…1.54 µm and subsequent forming of pulses for communication systems, location and ranging.


Electrical parameters

The electrical and photoelectrical parameters of the photoreceiving module for pulsed illumination of 2·10-7 W power at a wavelength of 1.064±0.01 µm at 10 ns pulse width or 5·10-8 W at 1.54±0.01 µm at 30 ns pulse width are in agreement with the values presented in Table for acceptance and delivery.

The FPU-21V parameters at 1.54 µm and a pulse width of 30 ns are provided with the design.

Name of parameter Value
Pulse amplitude of positive polarity at the output at load of 300±15 Ohm at pulsed illumination of 2·10-7 W, V, no less than 2.4
Set-up time for the maximum response corresponding to operation of the FPU at pulsed illumination of 2·10-7 W relative to the point in time corresponding to 0.9 level of pulse amplitude (by voltage) when increasing a voltage in the «Упр» circuit, µs
no less than 5
no more than 8.5
Change of temporal position of output pulse of the FPU when changing a power of pulsed illumination from 2·10-7 to 2·10-2 W at the maximum response and a pulse width of 30±2 ns (FWHМ), ns, no more than 30
Probability of recording of input signals at pulsed illumination of 2·10-7 W at the maximum response, no less than 0.9
Probability of false recording of signal for 150 µs, no more than 1∙10-3

Permissible of operative conditions

Name of parameter Value
Supply voltage, V 12±1
Consumption current in circuits, mA, no more than 100
Effective load resistance for output circuit, Ohm 300±15
Ambient temperature range at turned-off supply voltage, °С -50…+55
Operating temperature range at turned-on supply voltage, °С -40…+50
Load capacitance connected parallel to effective resistance of 300±15 Ohm at output, pF, no more than 7
Life time, h, no less than 200
Dimensions without connector, mm 61x33x13
Weight, g, no more than 40

Note: the requirements of clauses 4, 5, 6 are not checked, guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Recommendations for switching-on FPU-21V module

After delivery of a supply voltage the time of transient process is no more than 10 ms. From this time on, the FPU is in the maximum response operation. To switch on differential gain control, the voltage drop U2 → 0 across the pin 5 is delivered through the key with open collector. Without injection of a control signal («Упр») the FPU is in the maximum response operation.

The circuit of connection of the FPU-21V is shown in Fig.

The circuit of connection of the FPU-21V
The circuit of connection of the FPU-21V:
1 - +12 V; 2 - Common; 3 - Strobe; 4 - Analog output;
5 - Differential gain control – control signal («Упр»); 6 - Output

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