FPU-35 photoreceiving module

FPU-35 photoreceiving module. Фото 1

The FPU-35 medium-accuracy photoreceiving module based on avalanche InGaAs photodiode has a high sensitivity, automatic adaptation to background level and the built-in secondary power supply.


Name of parameter Value
Operating wavelength, nm 1064…1570
Spectral range (FWHM), µm 0.9…1.6
Laser pulse width, ns 9…50
Threshold sensitivity, nW 10
Sensitive area, µm 200
Detection probability, % 50
Dynamic range Pmax/Pmin 107
Supply voltage, V +12
Time shift of output electrical pulse, ns 25
Equivalent accuracy, m 5
Dimensions, mm 60×31×13

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