LISD-2M Laser Velocimeter/Rangefinder

LISD-2M Laser Velocimeter/Rangefinder. Фото 1

The LISD-2M Laser Velocimeter/Rangefinder is designed for measurement of a vehicle speed and a distance to the various objects. The main advantage of the LISD-2M is the use of a narrow-beam light that allows distinguishing any vehicle in heavy traffic. The device uses the pulsed method of range measurement with subsequent automatic computing of a speed. The LISD-2M records also the absence or loss of a signal, eliminates of the measurement error due to jump of a laser beam to another vehicle, provides up to 10 repeated measurements in the case of a failed previous measurement, has sound indication of operability of the device and the excess time of speed by a vehicle.

The LISD-2M laser velocimeter/rangefinder provides:

  • measurement of a speed and a range when pressing the button or in case of external signal injection;
  • automatic determination and measurement of a speed and a range to the object exceeded the prescribed value of a speed;
  • recording the instant time of exceeding a speed;
  • operability under normal and difficult weather conditions (light snow, rain, fog);
  • control of state and operability of the device.

The LISD-2M is a binocular with built-in battery. There are the eyepiece of the sight with the built-in digital indicator, the control buttons, the LCD, the connector of external supply on the front plate of the device. There is the "ИЗМЕРЕНИЕ" button in the top of the device. The seats to set the device on the tripod and fastening a shoulder belt are provided.

The LISD-2M is entered in the Technical Means of Traffic Safety catalog issued by Head Department of Traffic Police in 2004.

The certificate of the GOSSTANDART of Russia is RU.E.28.010.A No.9290/2.

Now the traffic police of Moscow uses more than 250 pieces of the LISD-2M laser velocimeter/rangefinders.

The LISD-2M is appropriated the Silver Quality Mark "The Russian brand".

The LISD-2M is awarded by the Gold medal of the First International Salon of Innovations and Investments.

The LISD-2M is awarded by the Silver medal of 55 World Fair of Innovations, Research and New technologies EUREKA-2006, Brussels.


Name of parameter Value
Measurement speed, km/h 0...250
Minimum range, m 5
Range to "ZHIGULI" car, m 300
Ranging error, m * +/-(0.3+0.001D)
RMS error of speed measurement, typical, km/h 1.5
Measurement time, s 0.45
Directional pattern width, rad 0.004 x 0.004
Field of view of sight
Life time, cycles of measurements 5·106
Readiness time after switching on supply, s 0.1
Interface RS-232
Dimensions, mm 210 x 170 x 92
Weight, kg 1.3
Operating temperature range, °C -30...+50

* D is a range to target

Supply: 4 pieces of AA batteries (1000 measurements at 20°C). The external supply is 12±2 V, 0.2 A.

According to the GOST P 50723-94 the LISD-2M belongs to the safety class 1 (fully eye-safe).

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