MT-300 triaxial laser gyro

MT-300 triaxial laser gyro. Фото 1

The MT-300 triaxial laser gyro is designed for the use as a position sensor in three mutually perpendicular directions. It is used in medium-accuracy navigation systems for traffic control systems of various objects, in track geometry cars, metrology systems, etc. In signals and protocols the MT-300 is interchangeable with the MT-401ME and MT-402ME laser gyros, differing from these gyros essential in smaller dimensions and energy consumption.


Name of parameter Rate, no less than Rate, no more than
Power consumption, W 30
Supply voltage, V 22 33
Angular rate range, °/s minus 600 600
Zero drift of gyro in all axes, °/h
without calibration 1 2
with calibration of 5 min duration 0.5 0.8
with calibration of 10 min duration 0.2 0.4
Scale factor (discrete) of gyro, seconds of arc/pulse 4.3 4.5
Instability and non-repeatability of scale factor, relative units 5*10-4
Operating temperature range, °С -55 +65
Dimensions, mm Ø164 x 110 (height)
Weight, kg 3.7
Operating life, h 1,200
Life time, years 12

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