LDM-2 Laser Rangefinder Module

LDM-2 Laser Rangefinder Module. Фото 1

The LDM-2 Laser Rangefinder Module is designed for flash ranging of terrain, target recognition and acquisition, determination of spherical coordinates with automatic determination of magnetic azimuth and elevation as well as automated transmission of the measured coordinates to external users.

System composition

  • PPU-21 transmitting/receiving module
  • Accessory set
  • Transport case
  • Operation manual


Name of parameter Value
Measurement range (at an accuracy no more than ±10 m), m 50...9,000
Recognition range of “tank-sized” target and burst ranging, m, no less than 4,000
Magnification x7
Field of view
Angular resolution, seconds of arc 7
Exit pupil diameter, mm 5
Removal of exit pupil, mm 18
Dioptric adjustment, diopters ±4
Operation per battery (number of shots/charge), no less than 300
Laser wavelength, µm 1.54
Azimuth range (at accuracy of ±0-15 d.g.), d.g. * from +30-00 to -30-00
Elevation range (at accuracy of ±0-06 d.g.), d.g. from +3-00 to -3-00
Weight in standby position, kg, no more than 1.8

* division of goniometer

The LDM-2 Laser Rangefinder Module displays first, second and last targets (as an operator’s option) in the range of a laser beam.

Mode of operation, readiness to measure a target range, azimuth and elevation, operating time, battery charge are displayed in the eyepiece.

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