KDU-1 rangefinder/goniometer

KDU-1 rangefinder/goniometer. Фото 1

The KDU-1 rangefinder/goniometer is designed for ground target reconnaissance, correction of artillery and air firing from ground, air, ship control centers as well as for use in automated fire control systems.

System composition

  • LDM-2 (1D39) laser rangefinder module
  • SN-3 aiming system
  • 1D26 TR tripod
  • Periscope
  • LGK-4M laser gyrocompass
  • 1E77 synchronization unit (2 pcs.)
  • 1E67M accumulator battery (2 pcs.)
  • Accessory set
  • Transport case including two flexible packs for carrying
  • Operation manual


Name of parameter Value
Measurement range at ±10 m accuracy, m 50...9,000
Recognition range of “tank-sized” (frontal area) target, m, no less than 4,500
Burst ranging, m, no less than 4,000
Magnification x7
Field of view
Height of the periscope, mm 250
Dioptric adjustment, diopters ±4
Azimuth range, d.g. * from +30-00 to –30-00
Elevation range, d.g. from +3-00 to –3-00
Angular accuracy, d.g:
True azimuth 0-04
Magnetic azimuth 0-12
Elevation 0-04
Directing point limiting error (GLONASS/GPS), seconds of arc, no more than 1
Weight in standby position, kg, no more than 14

* division of goniometer

The KDU-1 rangefinder/goniometer
The KDU-1 rangefinder/goniometer
The KDU-1 rangefinder/goniometer

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