Acoustooptic Devices

Акустооптические приборы и устройства. Фото 1

Beginning in 1975, POLYUS RDI is making the acoustooptic devices. The nomenclature of these products includes modulators, filters, Q-switches, deflectors, mode synchronizers, frequency shift devices, etc. operating in the spectral rage from 0.2 to 10.6 µm.

Acoustooptic Devices: ML-206ZH modulator (λ=10.6 µm), 2 — MZ-321М Q-switch, 3 — MZ-308K Q-switch
1 — ML-206ZH modulator (λ=10.6 µm)
2 — MZ-321М Q-switch
3 — MZ-308K Q-switch

Acoustooptic MZ-321M Q-switch for quasi-CW lasers at 1.06 µm

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