<b>Viktor Nikonov</b>
<br>Chief Engineer

Viktor Nikonov

Chief Engineer
Born on February 11, 1962 in Minsk.


1984 – graduated with honors from A. S. Popov Higher Naval School of Radio Electronics with a specialization in Automated control systems. Qualified as Officer with a higher military special education as a military engineer of electronic equipment.

He has a PhD in Economics.

Professional activity

2000 – 2008 – held management positions of "Mospromstroymaterials" JSC: "Moskirpich", "MAZD", "Promgidromekhanizatsiya".

2008 - 2011 – headed the work on construction of high-voltage power transmission lines and substations ("Elektrotekhservisstroy" LLC).

2011 - 2013 – responsible for lighting and architectural-artistic highlighting of Moscow and the Moscow Kremlin ("Mossvet" SUE).

2013 - 2017 – arbitration management.

2018 – present – Chief Engineer of Polyus Research Institute.


  • Medal "70 years of the Armed Forces of the USSR" (1988)
  • Medal "For Impeccable Service" in the Armed Forces of the USSR (1990)
  • Medal "300 Years of the Russian Navy" (1996)
  • Medal "Veteran of the VIF" For the Victory Over Germany in the Great Patriotic War (2007)
  • Medal "For Service in the Submarine Forces" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (2011)

Building 1, 3 Vvedenskogo St., Moscow,
117342, Russian Federation